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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc

Halfpint^^ Haven is in memory of a very special greyhound girl, who only had a short while off the farm to enjoy a real family life. Hopefully her story will help other greyhounds in need, to find their own families, and live out their lives knowing what it is to be loved. I have done rescue of various breeds of dogs and cats for as many years as I can remember, but I would like to introduce this webpage to help find homes for Borzoi's, Greyhounds, or other animals in need. Halfpint had a sister, Lena, who died before she got a chance to know a real home and love, and this webpage is dedicated to Halfpint^^ and her sister Lena, in hopes that no more pups or kits will go to bed not knowing what a real family and love is. Take care, little ones, until we all meet again.
Love, Mom^^


" A loving hand, a soft place to lay, while we wait".

We are located in Jacksonville, Florida

Please contact Halfpint^^Haven at Shirazois@gmail.com

"I only hope that I die as someones's pet, so that someone will remember me"              
                                   A Greyhounds Prayer

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