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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc
Looking For A Home Whippets and Others


This is the cutest Whippy to come thru my doors in a long time!  BUT I can't keep them all, so my loss is your gain!
Can you believe this little perfect boy was taken to a shelter?  Horribly underweight.  Well, we're working on putting on some padding on those bones!
This is a very sweet boy, and incredibly pretty. Good with cats and other dogs it seems.
In typical Whippet fashion though, will need a 6ft fence and a whippet savvy owner.  They ARE escape artists and slippery as eels.
Come get your face kissed by the cutest dog under 50lbs in Jacksonville, Florida!
Buddy says thanks!  ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!