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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc
Even More Who Found a Home

Another couch gets a friend :-)


This very happy puppy is Vinnie the Florida map dog! He is the brother to Bonus, or Bonnie who now lives in Ohio!  He finally has his home on the couch with playmates Dandy the greyhound, and 2 children that he adores.  Way to go Vinnie! Congratulations to Jeni Iannuzi and family in Orlando, Florida!


Lady Liberty and Titan have gone to live with Bettie Grinsted in Florida.
Both are spoiled as they should be after waiting many years for their own couch!
Pictures to come soon.  Congratulations to you all!!


Cisco, the 10 yr old blood donor from Florida, has found a friend WITH a couch!
He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with a lovely lady greyhound named Becky, and a lovely human lady named Sandy Carr!
Cisco is now a friend of theirs!


This is Ellie a Greyhound/Lab mix. We were called to help find her a home, and we did, and she did!  Way to go, Ellie!!!


Meet Athena with quite a story in her short 1 year of life!
I was called to help find her a home and  to make a long story short, she did!  Here in Jax!
We're not sure she's 100% greyhound or a mix, but who cares! 
She deserves the best.  Happy puppy, Happy Day, ATHENA!   Congratulations to Cory Gumby and Athena!


This gorgeous girl is Bonnie, sister to Vinnie, now known as Sophia.
She now has her own couch and friend to keep her busy and comfy.
Just what we're looking for, and I think she would agree!  She now lives with her handmaiden, Sandy Vohl in Ohio.


Ok, this isn't a Greyhound OR a Borzoi!!  But... this little girl showed up at our doorstep, lost, pregnant and hungry.  After looking for her owner for several weeks, it was apparent no one was looking for her.
After care and vetting, this little Chocolate Mini Dachshund, lives the life with Robin and Gary Shorter in Orlando Florida!


Sasha has been waiting for quite some time for that perfect match of a home. 
When she came to us, she was truly a frightened, unsocialized youngster.
She is now a snuggler, lover supreme.  We are happy to announce that Sasha has found her forever home and perfect match, us!
She is very special by birth and family roots, ( we have recently found out she is extremely closely related to our heartgirl, Bitta whom we lost in 2002) and has become very loving and special to us, so I can't think of a better place for her or a better match then here, and I've come to really adore her too.
We are very happy with our new family member!  WELCOME SASHA!

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