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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc
Halfpint^^ and Lena's story


Halfpint^^ and Lena were sisters that lived their lives on a greyhound farm for 12 years, being used for breeding. There care was minimal, and they were slated to be put to sleep to make room for more greyhounds coming in. They were both very sick, and arrangements were made to get them out,so they could have a chance at a real life, along with several others slated for the same fate. Lena died the night before she was to come live with me and Halfpint. It is believed she may have frozen to death, but it is unknown for sure. Halfpint came to me in very bad shape, and we set about to fix her up, and give her a chance to have a real home life. She only made it a little over 2 weeks, before her heart and lungs failed. We don't know if it was due to years of neglect, or infection that overwhelmed her frail body, regardless of the antibiotics and care she was given when she came, or what happened, but it ended Dec 18, 1999. She only came here Dec 1. Her birthday, and Lena's, was 8-23-87. She was a wonderful soul, and deserved better then she got, but maybe she needed to be with Lena, or maybe Lena needed her. She spoke volumes about the plight of senior greys in need, and all greys in need of care, and a home to call their own, in the short time she was with us. I hope many greys will get a chance to know a loving home with the help of Halfpint^^Haven.

Halfpint, Bill and Lena

Halfpint^^, Bill and Lena on the farm

Halfpint, Duffy, Bill and Lena

Halfpint, Duffy, Bill and Lena

Duffy was sent in Lena's place, and came to live with us, and thrived. She is now in a home with one other greyhound, and is the center of their world. She will never go without again.