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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc
Found a Home!


This is where we want our hounds.


We have lots of dogs and cats that have been helped thru Halfpint^^Haven.
When I get a chance, I will be listing them here for all to meet.
If you think you might be able to fit another needing animal into your home and heart, please contact us here. If we don't have something just right for you at the time, we most likely will be able to refer you to a group who does.


Lady Dee now lives with Krissy and Joan and the rest of the McGee crew in NC. She is a striking 81/2 yr old girl who finally has her couch! Thanks Joan!  ADOPTED


Duffy had to wait 10 yrs for her couch and bed, but she thinks it was worth it!!  She now lives with her friend, Princess and Phil and Teena Smith in Jacksonville, Fl.  Thanks!  ADOPTED


This beautiful borzoi boy, Tarz, has been ADOPTED by  Linda Gulyas  in Daytona Bch, Florida!  Congratulations! 


This handsome, Grade A racer, Dalton, raced to his new home in SC with the Sweat Family!!  Congratulations to all!!  ADOPTED!!!!!!!!


Hobbit has a HOME!!  This wonderful 9 yr old lady is now off the farm and onto the couch!!!  ADOPTED by Lynn Santilli of Massachussetts!!


Krissy finally has her couch after 13 yrs of waiting.  She now lives with Joan McGee and the rest of the McGee crew in NC.
Thankyou Joan!  ADOPTED


This handsome boy is Keiffer, who at 12 yrs old lost his family.  He was not in the best of health when Joy Adams in SC stepped up to the plate and volunteered to give him a home, and the care he so desperately needed for his last years.
Unfortunately, he lost his battle to the disease that racked his frail body on May 30, 2002, only a couple months after finding a soft bed, and a loving and caring home.  But he had a lifetime of love and care in that short 2 months with Joy.
Take care Keiffer, until we all meet again!
Keiffer:  1989-2002  AKA Lt. Rivet


This cute borzoi girl, Roxy, has been ADOPTED by Max and Nicole Story, of Jacksonville, Florida!  Congratulations!!

Please visit more of our lucky, adopted pups on the next page!!!!
Please come back often to see more happy tails and faces!