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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc
More Who Found A Home!


This lucky senior greyhound is Matt, and he now has his choice of couches at home with his new family, the Segers, of Jacksonville, Florida.  Quite a long way from the Humane Society Shelter!!  Yeh!!


I don't have a pic of little Silky aka Sweetie Pie, now known as Katie to put up yet, but rest assured, this cute as a bug, tiny fawn 2 yr old girl is having the time of her life with Lois Baldwin in Jacksonville, Florida now!  ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This beautiful pair now live in Deltona, Florida with their new parents, Sharon and Jim Anthony.  Kota, the handsome big boy on the left, actually was slated to be euthanized, and poor Sarah found herself dumped in a shelter down south. They now live the high life with their new family! ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lucky Layla is now snoozing in style with Jenny Haverland and her kids.  Little Lucky has a couple whippets to run with, and a greyhound to boss around!   From her 3 bounces to this.  She really is "Lucky!"


Widget has finally found his forever home and love he deserves, with Carla Myers,and her senior greyhounds, in Missouri!   Its been a long trip but it was worth it!  ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This lovely young senior lady of 7, Ms. Simone, now has a personal handmaiden in her new mom, Julie Dearmin, of NC!!  She is adored and properly spoiled! ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bob found his home!  He now has a mom and a best buddy beagle, to pal around with in his Ponte Verde home with his mom Robyn.
He is quickly getting his human trained properly. New bedroom pics to arrive soon!  Way to go Bob! You won the BIG race!