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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc
Poems and Stories

Ten Requests of

a Dog to His Master



      My life lasts only a fraction of yours.

      Any separation from you hurts.

      Think about this before you adopt me.



      Be patient and give me time to learn what you want.

      You don't learn at once either.



      Put trust in me.

      This is my whole life and I will be your friend,

      more so than your other friends.



      If I have misbehaved, don't be cross for too long

      and don't lock me up.

      You have other friends, your work, and your fun.



      Talk to me. I do not understand the words,

      but I like to listen to your voice.



      Consider that whatever you or your other friends

      do to me I will never forget.



      If you want to strike me, consider that I could easily

      crush the bones in your hand, but I do not use my




      If you are dissatisfied with me, if you think I am lazy,

      inattentive, and disobedient, I might have a problem

      with unsuitable food, overexposure to the sun or

      perhaps my heart is already old and tired.

      Unfortunately I can not communicate about my




      Please understand me in my old age.

      You will get old too.

      Don't consider getting rid of me to get a young dog


      I need you.



      On my last journey, stay with me!

      Don't say you can not observe it!

      When you are present, it will be easier for me.

      The friendship that I give you during my lifetime

      should be worth that sacrifice on your part.


Unknown author.







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