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Halfpint^^Haven Borzoi and Greyhound Adoptions, Inc
Staghounds and Lurchers

Occaisionally we get word of Staghounds, Longdogs, and Lurchers needing homes too.
These mixes have been around and used for centuries for different purposes, mostly hunting, but make wonderful companions, with a unique look, and great personalities taken from each breed.
I personally have a Borzoi/Whippet mix, that I adore!  The best of both breeds.  I will probably end up with a Staghound down the road too!
Staghounds are traditionally a mix of Greyhound/Scottish Deerhound/Irish Wolfhound and or Borzoi and come in a variety of coat types from smooth to wiry to soft, and all colors!  Some look more of one breed then another while some look like an even mix.  They are fairly rare, especially in the SE US. Most are found in Great Britain and Middle US.
Lurchers are a mix of a Sighthound, and a herding or terrier breed. They were bred for hunting and mixes developed depending on terrain, and prey hunted.   I've had one here, and helped placed 2 others, all Greyhound/German Shepherd mixes.
Longdogs are Sighthound/Sighthound crosses of any breeds.
All make wonderful and unique pets!  They even have Lurcher Shows in Great Britain!
Please take a look and enjoy!